Friday, October 23, 2009

And she sighed "Aaahh." I said, "I wanna be a singer like Lou Reed." "I like Lou Reed," she said, sticking her tongue in my ear.

Tonight is the big show. The big spectacle. The big to do.

Once again, I'm convinced that my voice is feeling shaky and might go out, but this time, I'm also pretty convinced that my affliction is psychosomatic. There's still 11 hours til we play and I'm ready to get out of this office.

Sadly, I won't get to see my daughter at all today. After work, I'm going to get guitar strings and heading straight downtown for an early load in. I am really excited about the show tonight so I hope you'll all be there if you can. We're playing something like 13 songs, which is ridiculous to me, but we're playing some stuff that we never really play and trying to take good advantage of our "orchestra."

I had one of those really awful, realistic dreams last night where you wake up and think it really happened for a minute. I don't remember exactly what it was all about but Leah wanted a divorce so that qualifies as a nightmare to me. Thankfully, after I turned and saw her lying next to me I remembered that in the real world she likes me, at least, well enough to not want to spend the money on a divorce. Just kidding, she likes me a lot. Way more than she likes anyone else, and about as much as she likes Harper.


  1. bummed i can't be there. :( what songs are you going to play that you don't normally do? if you say "how to fake..." i might cry.

  2. No, not "How to fake..."
    We're playing "My new years resolution...," "golden" "congrats april and lucas," and two new ones, "How do you do it?" and "Set that monster free."

  3. I would have liked to seen the show tonight!!! And see my grandbaby too! Hope it goes well.

  4. I told dad that you guys could come but he said he had to work this weekend or something.

  5. i'll cry anyway because it sounds amazing.

  6. Someday, I will see Quiet Company live. Someday, we will play a show together.