Thursday, October 8, 2009

Watching the Simpsons makes me wish I was watching Futurama

Last night, the wife and I joined Tommy and Betsy for some gourmet cuisine and the David Bazan show at the Mohawk. The food was delicious, though the portions were small.

David Bazan was amazing. His show had all the energy and emotion of those powerful church experiences of my youth. Church for the non-believer, as it were.

I am so incredibly tired today though, and I won't see my bed til who knows when. We've got a show in San Antonio tonight so the boys will be picking me up in about an hour from work. Once again, I'm sure it will be great but I'm also sure I'd rather go home and relax with the wife and child.

Its hard to write interesting blogs when you're falling asleep at your desk.

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