Monday, October 5, 2009

Lady Gaga & Madonna: proving that just because you make mindless dance club pop, that doesn't mean you can't be pretentious.

Thanks to my lovely bride, I feel the need to clarify something:

I DON'T like Lady Gaga. In fact, I actively dislike her. My wife thinks its hilarious to sneak onto my Facebook and post status updates, masquerading as a Lady Gaga loving Taylor. It is cute and funny, but scary because more than a handful of people apparently think that she really is some kind of guilty pleasure for me. Leah has a few lies she likes to tell our friends that seem ludicrous at first but she tells them so often and with such consistency that it does effectively plant that seed of doubt, causing my friends to question strange areas of my character. I can see it in their eyes..."Does Taylor really ________? I just don't know anymore."


The show on Friday went pretty well, though I confess, we were all a little disappointed. The high ticket price kept all but a few of our fans at bay and Los Lonely Boys have a slightly older fanbase demographic than we expected. There was a lot of young people but there was a lot of people that qualify for cheaper movie tickets, or enjoy long walks around the mall, if you know what I mean.

What I mean is that they were really old. Not quite plastic hip old, but easily "I can't figure out this damned cell phone" old.

A pretty good show altogether, though. My voice held out and we played pretty well. I only stayed for about 20 minutes of Los Lonely Boys. I feel like it was 20 minutes of solid guitar solo though, so I'm not fussed about missing the rest of it.

Good times.


  1. "'I can't figure out this damned cell phone' old."

    Ha, I laughed out loud.

  2. Well, I guess I'm not surprised that you weren't enamored with The Boys (LLB). Most Lady Gaga fans wouldn't be crazy for Texican R&R! : )