Monday, October 12, 2009

The Night Man Cometh...

Leah's crazy 3 wedding weekend had her out of the house and away from her loving family for 3 whole days. If you're wondering if that sucked for me, it did. I am not built to exist away from her for any substantial amount of time. Its unhealthy damn it! Thankfully, Leah's mom's job has her in the area again tonight so my bride and I will be taking in dinner and a movie. I can't wait.

Its not like Leah would be much good in a fight, but I still found myself being a scared little child, sleeping alone in our bed for the first time. I kept imagining that I heard something and twice I stalked through the house in my underwear with a sword in hand.

Picture it.

I'm not a gun guy, so yes, I keep a sword by my bed. I read in the news the other day that a guy cut off a burglar's hand and stabbed him to death with a sword so...yeah. Useful.

In Quiet Company news, we're releasing the video for "On Modern Men" today on the internetz. Click here to put your peepers on it.

In other Quiet Company news, we've decided that our upcoming show at the Parish will be our last show in Austin for the year. We're going to take a little time to get serious about finishing the 2 EP's we're working on so we can release them at the beginning of next year. Go here to RSVP and maybe win tickets or something.


  1. Yes, but there is always the Day Man: fighter of the Night Man, Champion of the Sun, Master of Karate & Friendship for everyone. Just think of the Day Man when the noisy nights come a-calling. Just don't ever pay the Troll Toll - only bad can come of that.

  2. I am loving that you own a sword.

    Video looks great!

  3. it is weird how our lives parallel. Kara and the kids are in East Texas. I too heard something go bump in the night and patrolled my house with my ninja katana blade that rests by my bed.