Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I wait all year for Halloween. The one day of the year that no one judges me or my "slutty clothes."

I can honestly say that I have never been trick or treating. As a kid, my brother and I weren't allowed to celebrate Halloween because for one reason or another, the holiday made my parents uncomfortable. I'm sure I probably wanted to then but after 27 years of not celebrating, I really don't seem to give much of a shit. It will probably be a lot more fun when Harper is old enough to enjoy it. She does look amazingly adorable in her lion cub costume.

All that to say, Leah is making me go to a Halloween party and dress up this year and I have no clue what to be. Any practical, yet hilarious, suggestions?

This Sunday, in Austin, is the AIDS walk. Leah, Harper, and I will be down there for a little bit, though we're not walking. I believe it starts at the capital around noon. Come on down.

Buying a house (or a car) is a pain in the ass. Why is adult life so needlessly complicated?


  1. You and Leah: Sonny and Cher. Done.

  2. Aaha, we're going as The Potters (James, Lily, Harry). You guys should totally be Ron and Hermione.

  3. But seriously, Sonny and Cher would be amazing.

  4. part your hair on the side, add black hairspray, grab a denim shirt and slap an oxy-clean logo on it, add zombie makeup. go as zombie billy mays. ;)