Friday, October 16, 2009


Last night Leah accidentally washed her memory cards with the laundry. They had all three weddings that she shot last weekend on them. At first, they were just lost, so we were tearing through the house looking everywhere for them (I even rummaged through the trash). Eventually, they were discovered in the dryer and then the panic turned into "what if they don't work?!?!" All but two of them worked. But one that didn't was like the most important or something, so our nightmare persisted. I was all set to take them downtown to a data recovery place on my lunch break today but Leah called and said she was going to come by the office and try the cards one more time before we spent hundreds of dollars to retrieve the data. So she and Harper stopped in, which was awesome for me, and to our surprise, both memory cards decided that all hope wasn't lost and started working. ITS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!! All that to say, we had a stressful night last night. People could've sued us if those cards hadn't started working. But all is well.

Leah's got another wedding so its me and the bug all night. The weather is amazing right now, so I'm looking forward to our nightly stroll before her bedtime.
I'm really glad its Friday.
AIDS walk Sunday afternoon, Quiet Company Orchestra practice Sunday evening, lots of perfect nothing until then. Peace.


  1. Even though they worked, you should buy new memory cards because they start to oxydize once they've been exposed to water.

  2. Oooh, wow, I'm glad they work. My heart stopped when I read that!