Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Its a weird sense of accomplishment when someone tattoos your lyrics onto their body. Weird, but ultimately pleasant. I don't know who this person is but I thank them.

Leah and I saw The Invention of Lying and ate delicious pizzas at the Alamo Drafthouse last night. Ricky Gervais is a damn genius. I don't think he's done anything that wasn't great. I guess the big controversy is that people think he's attacking religion, and I suppose he is. I didn't feel like it was malicious or anything but Ricky is an Atheist and its not hard to imagine that he feels that in a world where no one has ever lied there would be no religion. Anyway, I liked it a lot and would recommend it.

I had lunch with my friend Todd from Jets Under Fire today. We talked a lot about religion and it was good times. Its always really interesting to find out how much you don't know about your friend's beliefs. Most of the time I think we just apply a label and immediately start taking things for granted. "You're a 'Christian' therefore you must believe A, B, and C." Todd's very honest about his faith and I can appreciate that.

This year has opened my eyes to a lot of things that the people close to me believe (and don't believe) that I didn't know. I'm sure its opened a lot of eyes to what I believe and don't believe, as well. I hope that if anything good has come of it, that we're all a little more open with, and aware of, each other from now on.

Between the Youtube and Vimeo, we've gotten over 1000 plays of the video since we put it up about 24 hours ago. Thanks people.

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  1. Now that is a beautiful damn tatoo. If I were the body-art type I'd want something similar. It's just beautiful.

    As for Invention of Lying, I think the religious uproar is unwarranted. I got something totally different out of it- no lying means that no one ever says anything comforting, ever. I think that's what he does in the movie by making a religion-lie. He says something purely to provide comfort. I think he's really hit on why people make religions, why some people need them. Whether that was his point or not (I doubt it is..) the movie is one of the first comedies I've really truly enjoyed in a few years.

    Plus the video's pretty cool. :)