Thursday, December 3, 2009

I don't know who god hates. Personally, I hate the Westboro Baptist Church.

I discovered the twitter account of Megan Phelps and while its comically absurd, it still fills me with rage. I'm not interested in sounding compassionate or enlightened when it comes to these people so bare with me.

Most people know about the Westboro Baptist Church and how they're awful people, I mean real human garbage. So I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I hope horrible things happen to those people.

They're a perfect example of how powerful indoctrination is and how easily evil gets passed from generation to generation. The church's 70 or so members are pretty much composed of the Phelps family and you'd almost feel sorry for the children if they weren't such evil little bastards.

I wonder if when Fred Phelps dies if people will protest his funeral like he's done to so many fallen soldiers with signs that say "Thank God Fred Phelps is dead." If I happen to be in Topeka, KS when he dies, I'm down.

People that believe in Hell have different opinions about what its like. Some say its simple non existence and others (like the Phelps') believe its an eternal burning pit of anguish (because their god is a loving god). My only complaint is that the Phelps' hell probably doesn't exist for them to go to.

This is sounding really mean. Perhaps a lighter touch is what the Phelps family needs. Let me try.
I hope Fred Phelps and every other asshole in his family get caught in gay love affairs and contract HIV. I hope their suffering is great and lasts a long time. If there is any justice in this world that is what will happen.


  1. I read/saw that their presence in their own hometown has caused a lot of conservative Christians that don't want to be associated with Westboro to support gay rights (when it was relevant in their town government) simply because it was in opposition to Westboro and they didn't want to be associated with the hate coming from that place. They can't seem to grow their congregation beyond their own family which is a plus but they still manage to find people to marry into their family and they have no problem procreating and that's not good.
    I can't ever seem to wish truly bad things on anyone, no matter how bad they are...but I do hope they fail in every endeavor that begins & ends with hate - which is basically everything they do since they live to picket.
    Didn't you write about them before and how they had been banned from the UK - or you posted a link to a list of people banned from the UK and they were on it?? That was the first I had ever heard of them.

  2. Hate on either side is wrong. I agree with Lindsey that it is ok to wish they fail.

  3. Personally, I think God loves fags. When I try to think about things that God might hate, the first thing on my list is people who turn him into a force of hate and violence.

    Really, I know if people were standing around with signs saying "Green hates fags" I'd be pretty fucking pissed. Not only because I happen to think most of the fags I know are pretty awesome, but because who are they to say what I hate? They don't know.

    Hate's pretty ugly. I don't like imagining a God that would create the universe and then spend the rest of his eternity in heaven being a bigot.

  4. I love you more and more Green. :)

    I think it's ok to disagree with someone's lifestyle, but not to withhold love from them. God can't stand sin but he loves us.

    I just don't understand people like this.