Friday, December 4, 2009

My Top 10 Records of 2009

10. Dignan - Cheaters & Thieves
Dignan is a fantastic band that we've had the pleasure of touring with and this is an intriguingly dark record. If you like your music brooding, you'll find a lot to love about Dignan.

9. The Rocketboys - 20,000 Ghosts
Another band that we count as good friends. I think this record shows a lot of growth from their EP and I was happy to hear them spending a lot more time in major keys.

8. Richard Swift - The Atlantic Ocean
What's not to love about Richard Swift? He is the epitome of cool.

7. Jeremy Enigk - OK Bear
I'll always love Jeremy Enigk but when the Fire Theft came out I wondered if his days of grandeur were over. Then he released World Waits and it was really good and proved that Enigk could still break your heart. With OK Bear, He proves that he can still break your heart AND kick your ass.

6. Jets Under Fire - EP 1-3I'm counting all of Jets Under Fire's EPs as one album since that is the end goal and even though part 4 is still missing, I can still safely say that this is a fantastic record. The lyrics are introspective, the melodies are great and the production is as polished as it should be.

5. Death Cab For Cutie - The Open Door EP
Ben Gibbard remains one of the best songwriters writing music today. Success hasn't made his lyrics or his melodies any less perfect and that is evident on this short but fulfilling EP.

4. David Bazan - Curse Your Branches
Any of these top 4 records could've been #1. I probably connected with Curse Your Branches on an emotional level more than any other record this year.

3. Cursive - Mama, I'm Swollen
Cursive's songs have always had a uniquely aggressive energy and in my opinion it only becomes more potent and focused with every record. This record, while maybe not their best, does include some of their more amazing moments.

2. The Features - Some Kind Of Salvation
The Features have been great for a long time but their first record Exhibit A only gave us a promise of their potential and not a fulfillment of it. Some Kind Of Salvation pulls out all the stops and gives you a blast of immensely original rock & roll right in the face.

1. mewithoutYou - Its All Crazy! Its All False! Its All A Dream! Its Alright.
This record is pure genius. MewithoutYou took a chance and it really paid off. A huge departure that had fans nervous but ended up instilling in us the idea that this band can do whatever they want and make it original, joyful, and perfect. As I said before, any of the top 4 could've been #1 but this one got the spot because it was the most addictive.


  1. i'm definitely going to have a word with you tonight about the fire theft. losing his grandeur? that record was amazing! i'm going to listen to it tonight when i leave work on the way home, then put it on while i'm at home getting ready for your show, then all the way to your show. i might even bring my ipod in and listen to it during your show just to prove a point. AMAZING. it's like i don't even know you.

  2. i'd also like to point out that when i handed you OK Bear your first reaction was to scoff at the title of one of his songs. you almost wrote off the entire album before even listening to it because of the title, "mind idea." i will grant you that it is a pretty lame song title. it's a lame song lyric. hell, it's a lame combination of words ever. he broke your heart with that song title and then he kicked your ass for laughing at it.

  3. I concur - "mind grapes" would have been a better title. Or maybe "brain-cicles".

  4. This makes me feel like I don't listen to enough music.

  5. Don't feel bad Green, I really only bought like 11 albums this year so picking a top ten wasn't that difficult.

  6. Makes me want to know the one that didn't make the cut. :)

    Mostly I download songs unless I'm really attached to the band, which also is a thing that doesn't happen often. So I've probably bought about 3 cd's all year.