Thursday, December 31, 2009

My New Years resolution is to do a better job of taking a name for every ass I kick.

Tomorrow it will be the year 2010. Holy smokes! The big question on my mind is "would I go to my 10 year high school reunion if we had one?" I assume we're having one but I'm not yet sure if I'll want to attend.

On one hand, there are a handful of people I wouldn't mind seeing.
On the other hand, I guess I didn't care that much about them or I would've stayed in touch.
On one hand, I've got a lot to show off (which is all those things are really for): great family, hot wife, decent job, cool beard, and judging by internet presence, I'm easily the most famous person in my class, probably my school (which is saying next to nothing).
On the other hand, in order to rub those assholes' noses in it, I'd actually have to talk to those assholes.

I'll probably decide in the same way I decided my involvement in things in high school: I'll go if Jeremy goes.

Now to take stock of 2009...

It was damn near perfect.


  1. Let's go to this reunion! I love White Oak. Gooooooo White Oak! I'm sure Jeremy is super pumped to go.

  2. we should throw a 'not your own highschool' reunion, where only one person from a given highschool can attend. First come, first serve. This could be a brilliant idea, I'm not sure yet.