Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In honor of John Lennon, I propose that today we all walk around loudly belittling Paul McCartney's involvement.

Last nights show wasn't the standing-room-only rock fest that we hoped but I had a good time nonetheless. If we're not careful, I'm going to get spoiled with having horns and background singers all the time. Especially because Leah's interpretive dancing is a sight to behold. But it was a Monday night, it was raining, it was finals week and there was a game on, so...it was an intimate show. And by "intimate" I mean that there was hardly anyone there.

It was a weird way to end what has otherwise been an enormously successful year for us. We set out to make 2009 the year that the city of Austin realized that we existed and we've made some huge strides.
1. We released a record that we're very proud of and that is still getting regular radio play on several stations.
2. The record was reviewed a lot more than the last record and all the reviews have been good - great.
3. A lot of the local blogs and publications have become fond of us and often plug our shows.
4. We shot 2 videos, so far, for our record which have been well received and play in regular rotation on the local music channel and both were picked up by MTV.CA.
5. We entered into relationships with several licensing companies for TV, film, etc that will hopefully bare fruit.
6. People that we don't know started coming to our shows thus enabling us to book better shows with bigger bands ie. The Toadies, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Los Lonely Boys, etc.
7. We had a ton of fun.

So I'm calling 2009 a big success for Quiet Company and looking at 2010 with all the hope in the world. We've already got some shows booked that we're excited about and plans to release the EP in February, if everything goes according to plan.

As for today, I'm just ready to get home, kiss my wife, kiss my child, order pizza, relax, and maybe get in bed a little early.


  1. What a great year for the career and for the new family member, Harper!!! Praise the Lord for all His blessings!

  2. I did everything I could to try to get there but at the end of all of it there was literally no way for me to get home. The buses even would have stopped running to where I live by that time. I was very sad about it, tho.