Friday, December 11, 2009

Michael Gambon is to Dumbledore as George Clooney is to Batman

I wish I spoke Spanish, though I'm not really a fan of the language. To me, the best sounding language, other than English, is British....
I have a few Kent records where they sing in Swedish and its very pleasant but learning that language would not be useful in the least here in Texas.
Honestly, my problem is not a lack of affection for other languages but a lack of desire to spend the time and energy to learn one. So it goes.

Recently, Leah came to the studio and sang on a few songs on the EP. On one song, "Hold my head above the water," she has solos. The more I listen to her sweet little voice on it, the more I love it. I did, however, hurt her feelings by telling her that we wanted her to come back in and redo some parts. Its not that the parts were bad but rather that we could record them a little differently to help them sit better in the mix. I forget that other people don't listen to music the way musicians listen to it, and while she heard it and was able to enjoy it like a normal person, my ears were scanning the material for any and every correctable flaw. So I realize that I'm hard to live/work with sometimes. When its done though, I know that that song will probably be a lot of people's favorite on the EP and it will probably be because of her performance.

Anyway, hopefully, we'll get that done this weekend. All we have left now is one song of horns, some strings and some choir. Then we get to start mixing and finding artwork.

The weekend beckons...

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  1. has Michael Gambon read any of the Harry Potter books yet? I know as of Goblet of Fire the answer was "no."

    I actually dvr'd the kardashians just to hear your music on it. I like how they cut your vocals completely out. It's really cool for that exposure though. Nice job! Proud of you little brother!